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School Council

The members of the Windrush School Council take on a variety of responsibilities around the school.  This year they will be planning and running several fundraising events; learning about a range of world issues and sharing them across the school; and will be involved in other activities throughout the year.

The School Councillors are elected by their classmates from years 2-6 because they are considered to be dedicated, hard-working and display all of the Windrush Values.  They are excellent role models not just for the children in their own classes but across the school.

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School Council News

The Year 5 and 6 School Council members had a fantastic meeting with Claire, our school cook, and Siobhan, a representative from Nourish (our school meals provider). Firstly, we had a behind the scenes tour of the school kitchen and saw the huge scale on which the school cooks need to work to fill the bellies of all of the Windrush pupils. Siobhan told us all about the sustainable ethics of Nourish and how they use local suppliers to ensure that they keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. They incorporate organic food into the menu and cook everything from scratch, adhering to strict guidelines to ensure every child's nutritional needs are met. 

The School Council members then shared pupil voice feedback depicting the likes, dislikes and wish list of the student body. It was agreed that there would be a change to some of the puddings and that noodles were to be incorporated into the salad bar in order to meet some of the requests from the pupil voice survey. Claire and Siobhan explained why other requests, such as salt for the rice, were not possible due to Nourish's commitment to healthy eating for all children. 

Finally, the group agreed some plans for the future: planning an international food menu for an upcoming event and another meeting in February to share further pupil voice feedback on the new menu. 

School Council/Nourish Meeting