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Windrush Primary School

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Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs)

What are JTAs?

“TfL's Junior Travel Ambassador (JTA) scheme encourages safer, active and independent travel within the school community, with a focus on year 6 pupils as they prepare for the transition to secondary school.

The scheme involves recruiting a team of JTAs; year 4 and 5 pupils who work to promote active travel and road safety to their peers through a range of activities.”  

Our Vision

For all pupils, parents and staff to travel actively to school by walking, cycling and scooting wherever possible.

Why is active travel important?

  • Happier children
  • Less congestion
  • Cleaner air

Top tips from the JTAs

*Always use the Green Cross Code STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK

*Give yourself enough time to travel to school.

*Turn your engine off if you wait in the car.

Winning Poems for TFL Stars

Earlier this term, we launched a competition to write a poem about active travel to school. ​There were some incredible entries and it was really hard to chose a winner. The winning poem is below, along with a gallery of our other amazing entries - well done to everyone that entered and congratulations to our winner.

KBJ in Year 6 - Let's Travel Actively!

Transport is part of pollution,

But I have a solution!

You could scooter or walk,

Bike with your friend and have a talk!


Walking will be as calming as a resort,

But if you need to use transport,

Get off early and scooter to school.

Stop wasting all that fuel!


Think of the joys of going outside in the sun,

Refresh your mind, have some fun.

Walk to school, short or far,

Don’t get cramped in a tiny car!


Vehicles are fast, but not the best,

So, lets put this to the test:

We should go transport-free,

There are so any benefits for you and me.


Birds chirp here and there,

There are beautiful noises everywhere.

Biking around in the morning,

Riding in a vehicle is much more boring.


So join me, take part in active travel,

(It really helps you unravel).

Stop the vehicles, stop pollution

Lets start a transport-free revolution.

JTA Poetry Competition Entries


JTA Comments

 "By P in 5T

As a JTA, it is my responsibility to encourage pupils, parents and teachers to walk, cycle or scoot to school. If anyone is unable to do this, they could park and stride. I also observe the good things people do when out and about. This could involve crossing on zebra crossing, younger children holding their parents hand or using the Green Cross Code."

"By J in 6T

I am a JTA in Y6 – you must be wondering what a JTA is and what their role is. JTA stands for Junior Travel Ambassador and our job is to keep people safe and encourage families to walk more. We organise competitions to encourage children to walk, scoot or cycle to school."

"By D in 6T

I am a JTA and I help to ensure that everyone keeps safe on the roads by telling you what the signs on the road mean and how to notice them. We raise awareness to help children stay alert and follow the rules of the road. We encourage our school community to be role models."

"By M in 5T

My job as a JTA is to encourage people in our school to travel safely and make good choices on roads. I also run surveys in school and track how children come to school weekly to encourage families to walk more to help the environment."

"By M in 5C

I am a JTA in Year 5 and as a JTA it is my responsibility to encourage children and adults to stay safe on the roads. We also get people to think about how they travel and how they can use vehicles that don’t pollute the air."

"By M in 5C

As a JTA my role is to keep people safe and have a better understanding how to keep people safe on the roads. We’ve taught people in our school about stop, look, listen, think. Just by having workshops it has helped people walk to school or not take any vehicle that pollutes our planet."

"By C in 6C

I’m a JTA in year 6. As a JTA we make sure people are safe on the road. We would like to encourage you to always use the Green Cross Code: Stop, look, listen think."

"By A in 6B

I am a JTA in year six. My job is to make sure people are safe and secure on the road. It’s very important we are safe on the road. We would encourage you and your family to walk on a daily basis. We raise awareness about road safety and the impact our travel has through workshops and surveys."


JTA Gallery

Please see the link below to our JTA Gallery that is under the 'Gallery' Tab on the website.

JTA Gallery

JTA's Thamesmead Local Area Walk Wednesday 24th May 2023

Our Junior Travel Ambassadors at Windrush Thamesmead went on a Local Walk around the area to discuss any issues that the community are facing.  They went on the walk with Our Vice Chair of Governors, Jack Gower, who works for Peabody, who is working on improvements to the local area. 

The School Council and JTAs really enjoyed their walk and it was especially fantastic to see immediate action being taken to address any concerns they had. 

JTA Local Area Walk - Thamesmead

School Travel Policy

school travel policy 2022 2023.pdf